fib Magyar Tagozata; Hungarian Group of fib
fib Magyar Tagozata; Hungarian Group of fib

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Magyar Tagozata

fib Magyar Tagozata; Hungarian Group of fib

2nd International PhD Symposium

Session  1:   Reinforced and prestressed concrete

Gaston Krüger, Olivier Burdet, Renaud Favre (EPFL Lausanne)   
Punching tests on RC flat slabs with eccentric loading

Andrea Materschläger, Konrad Bergmeister (Univ. of Applied Sciences, Vienna)   
Fiber added concrete

Imre Kovács, Franz-Jozef Ulm, György L. Balázs (Technical Univ. of Budapest)   
Modeling of plastic matrix-fiber interaction in fiber reinforced concrete

Stéphane Rossier, Olivier Burdet, Renaud Favre (EPFL Lausanne)   
Concrete tie model for the flexural behavior of RC and PC sections

Klaus Idda, Josef Eibl (University of Karlsruhe)   
Bond of deformed bars under consideration of lateral tension

Utz Mayer, Rolf Eligehausen (University of Stuttgart)   
Bond behavior of ribbed bars at inelastic steel strains

Roland Unterweger, Konrad Bergmeister (Univ.y of Applied Sciences, Vienna)   
Investigations of concrete boreholes for bonded anchors

Katalin Rákóczy, György Deák (Technical University of Budapest)   
The effect of flexural rigidity on the moment and deflection of statically indeterminate reinforced concrete elements

Mohammed Sakr, Jozef Lapos(Slovak Technical University)    
Time-dependent analysis of partially prestressed continuous composite

Olivier Bernard, Pierre Mivelaz, Eugen Brühwiler (EPFL Lausanne)   
Investigation of the long term behaviour of hybrid concrete structures

Pierre Laurencet, Jean-Paul Jaccoud, Renaud Favre (EPFL Lausanne)   
Residual crack width of RC & PC structures under cyclic actions    

Michal Števula, Jan L. Vítek (Czech Technical University, Prague)   
Some details of long-term analysis of concrete bridges

Anders Lindvall (Chalmers Univ. of Technology, Göteborg)   
DURACRETE - probabilistic performance based durability design of concrete structures

Robert Krumbach, Gert König (University of Leipzig)   
Hydrogen induced stress corrosion of prestressing steels - introducing a new testing method

Bryan Adey, Guido Roelfstra, Rade Hajdin, Eugene Brühwiler (EPFL Lausanne)   
Permeability of existing concrete bridges

Alf Andersen (Chalmers Univ. of Technology, Göteborg)   
Expected service life for concrete bridges exposed to chlorides, a field study


Session  2:   Behaviour and modeling of materials

Kálmán Koris, Kálmán Szalai (Technical University of Budapest)   
Stochastic distribution of structural resistance of reinforced concrete beams

Markus Bruckner, Rolf Eligehausen (University of Stuttgart)   
Minimum reinforcement in RC beams

Ádám Csikós, István Hegedûs (Technical University of Budapest)   
Torsion of reinforced concrete beams

Ulrich Santa, Konrad Bergmeister (University of Applied Sciences, Vienna)    
Implementation issues of a PC-based laboratory test and measurement equipment

Genadij Shakhmenko, Juris Birsh (Riga Technical University)   
Concrete mix design and optimization

Thorsten Faust, Gert König (University of Leipzig)   
High strength lightweight-aggregate concrete

Tamás Fejér, Anna Vásárhelyi (Technical University of Budapest)   
Design of nonlinear material by mathematical programming    

Mats Karlsson (Chalmers Univ. of Technology, Göteborg)   
Reactivity in recycled concrete aggregate

Mechyslav G. Chekanovich (Kherson Agricultural Inst.)   
New building technology

Tamás Kovács (Technical University of Budapest)   
Dynamic investigations on reinforced concrete bridges


Session  3:   Structural analysis

Laura Ceriolo, Angelo Di Tommaso (Istituto Universitario di    
Architettura di Venezia)
Fracture mechanics of brittle materials: an historical point of view

Liberato Ferrara (Politecnico di Milano)   
Numerical simulation of mixed-mode fracture in concrete via a non-local damage model

Lars Krex, Gerhard Mehlhorn (University of Kassel)   
System identification of crack-damage in reinforced concrete structures

Thomas Jahn, Gerhard Mehlhorn (University of Kassel)   
System identification of damage in reinforced concrete structures by measured modal test data

Vanda Pomezanski, Anna Vásárhelyi (Technical University of Budapest)   
Analysis and optimal design of boundary conditions

Mohammed Arafa, Gerhard Mehlhorn (University of Kassel)   
A modified discrete model in the nonlinear finite element analysis of prestressed and reinforced concrete structures

Ildi Cismasiu, J. P. Moitinho de Almeida (Instituto Superior Técnico, Lisboa)   
Some preliminary results of a parallel model for non-conventional finite element formulations

Krisztián Hincz, Zsolt Gáspár (Technical University of Budapest)   
Determination of the membrane cutting patterns    

Corneliu Cismasiu, J. A. Teixeira Freitas (Instituto Superior Técnico, Lisboa)   
Hybrid-Trefftz finite element formulation for spectral elastodynamic analysis

Stefan Burtscher, Alois Dorfmann, Konrad Bergmeister (University of Applied Sciences, Vienna)    
Mechanical aspects of high damping rubber

Ákos Sapkás, László Kollár (Technical University of Budapest)   
Buckling of beams with low shear stiffness

Joel R. Gilmour, K. S. Virdi (City University London)   
Numerical modelling of the progressive collapse of framed structures as a result of impact or explosion

Marcell Manninger, Lajos Kollár (Technical University of Budapest)   
The shear centre curve of bracing systems containing parallel plane members subjected to uniformly distributed lateral load

Flórián Kovács, Tibor Tarnai (Technical University of Budapest)   
Foldable bar structures on a sphere


Session  4:   Steel structures

Petr Svadbik, Jiri Strasky (Technical University Brno)   
Short span steel structures

Kornél Kiss, Ernõ Székely, László Dunai (Technical University of Budapest)   
Fatigue analysis of orthotropic highway bridge decks

Zoltán V. Nagy, István Szatmári (Technical University of Budapest)   
Composite slab design

Tomas Kulhavy (Technical University Brno)   
Stress ribbon bridges stiffened by arches or cables

Rafik Jaramani, Pál Platthy (Technical University of Budapest)   
Analysis of the eurocode proposals for fatigue examination on railway


Session  5:   Masonry, timber and composites

Ari Savolainen, Aarne Jutila (Helsinki University of Technology)   
Developing of a long-span wooden pedestrian arch bridge

István Kotormán, Miklós Iványi (Technical University of Budapest)   
Numerical exemination of different masonry strengthening methods

Martin Aster, Konrad Bergmeister (University of Applied Sciences, Vienna)   
3D-parametrization of bricks in fastening technology

Péter Tóth, Mária Széll (Technical University of Budapest)   
The application of transparent heat insulation on the façades of panel

Emmanuelle David, Chafika Djelal, François Buyle-Bodin (Université D'Artois)   
Repair and Strengthening of reinforced concrete beams using composite materials

Mazen Almakt, György L. Balázs, Kypros Pilakoutas (Techn.Univ. of Budapest)   
Strengthening of RC elements bz CFRP plates. Local Failure

Wilhelm Luggin, Konrad Bergmeister (University of Applied Sciences, Vienna)   
Carbon fiber reinforced and prestressed timber beams

Mulu Muruts, Ludovit Nad (Technical University Košice)   
Laminated Glass Fiber Reinforced plastic (GFRP) bars in concrete

Abdussalam M. Akasha, György Farkas (Technical University of Budapest)   
Concrete strain distribution of strengthened beams with additional post-tensioning


Session  6:   Road and railway engineering

Lajos Kisgyörgy, István Fi (Technical University of Budapest)   
Traffic Management of high occupancy highway network for different aims

Abdoalgader Slama, István Fi (Technical University of Budapest)   
Proposal for impletentation of traffic management and information system on the road network of the Hungarian-Austrian border area (Monarchy)    

István Styevola, István Fi (Technical University of Budapest)   
Analysis of signalized intersections according to the highway capacity manual from the point of view of the processes applied in Hungary

Zsolt Somogyvári, István Fi (Technical University of Budapest)   
Results and difficulties of implementation of intelligent transportation

Mohamed Abdelsalam, Tánczos Lászlóné (Technical University of Budapest)   
The high speed trains and future prospects


Session  7:   Geotechnics

Lucia Tîrca;, Victor Gioncu ("Politehnica" University, Timisoara)   
The effects of horizontal and vertical ground motion near and far field

Ákos Rechtorisz, Imre Bojtár, Miklós Gálos (Technical University of Budapest)   
Determination of stress intensity factors on rock specimens

Mónika Hajpál, Ákos Török (Technical University of Budapest)   
Petrophysical and mineralogical studies of burnt sandstones

László Kékesi, László Kazinczy (Technical University of Budapest)   
Dynamical measurements on the 1:2 scale model of the ballast railway track

Serge Borel, Olivier Combarieu (LCPC, Paris)   
Some observations on piled footings

Carsten Ahner, Dmitri Soukhov, Gert König (University of Leipzig)   
Reliability aspects of design of combined piled-raft foundations (CPRF)

Virág Bíró, Antonio Arcos (Technical University of Budapest)   
Determination of building settlements around deep excavation

Bruno Sudret, Patrick de Buhan (ENPC - Lab. de Méchanique des Solides, Paris)
Multiphase model of reinforced materials    


Session  8:   Hydraulic engineering and water management

Emese Horváth, Miguel Angel Toledo Municio (Technical University of Budapest)   
Impacts of dams on fish fauna (feasibility of mitigation measures)

Hossein Banejad, István Ijjas (Technical University of Budapest)   
Enviromental policy and public participation in water and land protection

Attila Gajdos, Stéphan Mandelkern (Technical University of Budapest)   
Comparative study of numerical schemes used for one-dimensional transport modelling

István A. Fülöp (Technical University of Budapest)   
Combining a neural network and a numerical flow model in system identification

Salaheddin N. Shmela (Technical University of Budapest)   
Perforated pipes as a part of the filtering process


Session  9:   Geodesy and geoinformatics

Miklós Szabó, József Ádám (Technical University of Budapest)   
Hungarian efforts in establishing GPS based navigation systems

Péter Bóna, József Ádám (Technical University of Budapest)   
Analysis of the results of the GPS measurements obtained in the Mecsek Ore mine company in 1994, 1995 and 1996

Hussein M. Abdulmuttalib, Ákos Detrekõi (Technical University of Budapest)   
GIS modeled surfaces and total quality management

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