fib Magyar Tagozata; Hungarian Group of fib
fib Magyar Tagozata; Hungarian Group of fib

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fib Magyar Tagozata; Hungarian Group of fib

fib ankent - Prof. Pierre-Claude Aïtcin

2012 november 5.

Pierre-Claude Aïtcin is Professor Emeritus at the University of Sherbrooke, a member of the Canadian Academy of Engineering, a Fellow of the Canadian Society of Civil Engineering, and an Honorary Member of the American Concrete Institute. He was the Scientific Director of Concrete Canada, the Network of Centres of Excellence on High-Performance Concrete for 8 years. For nine years, he also held an Industrial Chair on Concrete technology in collaboration with thirteen industrial partners. He is the author of the books:

It is easy to demonstrate that High Performance Concretes (HPC) are more sustainable than Normal Strength Concretes (NSC): building a plain unreinforced column with a 75 MPa concrete requires 2 times less cement and three times less aggregates to sustain the same load. Moreover as HPCs, when they are well cured, are much less porous and impervious than NSCs there are more durable and consequently the service life of HPC structures is much longer than that of NSC ones. We have now the scientific comprehension and technology to increase substantially and quite easily the sustainability of concrete structures. Examples of modern sustainable structures will be presented.

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